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WordpressWordPress with video instructions 

Learning with WordPress Videos is fairly straightforward.  Videos will help you to understand all the terminology and all the different parts that make up a page in WordPress. Taking away all your confusion and removing the frustration will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience with WordPress.  Video instructions will guide you step by step through the process of completing the tasks that you have set out to do.

I am a lazy blogger so just head over to Wpbeginner or learn.wordpress.  You will soon understand what all the jargon means, and easily navigate your site with confidence.

The parts of WordPress that people have the most difficulty with is in understanding the menu system and setting up categories.  Another area is understanding the difference between pages and posts.

I recommend that you start simple and build or grow with your site as your capabilities increase. The most important point to remember is to back up your site before making any major changes. If you should do a booboo, you will not lose all your hard work.  I use Wp Database Backup plugin, it’s free and works just fine.  

WordPress Themes

Themes play an important role in how your site will look and perform.  I recommend that you choose a responsive theme for the mobile market.  The free themes that you are offered are usually not complete.  They are a trial version of a complete theme with features missing. The best free theme that I know about is Generate Press.  It is the most complete free theme, is responsive, and easy to work with.  You can purchase the full version for $40 and use it on multiple websites. Generate Press uses modules that you can add to increase the functionality of your site, but the buying the full version is a better deal.  In the beginning, you will change your theme many times, just remember to make backups before any serious changes. You can rely on the WordPress with Video instructions series to help you along the way.

WordPress The Easy Way

The following Videos will show you how to perform different tasks when setting up WordPress. You will see how to set up pages, how to make blog posts, import videos from Youtube, add images and banners to your site. Learning WordPress with video instructions will decrease the time it takes to produce your own site, and speed you on your way to blogging glory.

Learning WordPress Videos 1 -30

  1. Add Sub or Add-On Domains
  2. Install WordPress Automatically Using cPanel
  3. Install WordPress Manually Using FTP
  4. Change Your Permalinks Structure
  5. Create New Blog Posts
  6. Create New Pages
  7. Insert and Format Images
  8. Install Plugins Automatically
  9. Upgrade or Delete Plugins Automatically
  10. Upload and Install Plugins Manually
  11. Install WordPress Themes Automatically
  12. Customize Your Theme Menu
  13. Upload and Install Themes Manually
  14. Use the WordPress Widgets in the Sidebar
  15. Add and Manage Users in WordPress
  16. Upgrade WordPress and Themes Automatically
  17. Insert Audio or MP3 Files
  18. Use Gravatars for Your Blog
  19. Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles
  20. Add YouTube Videos To WordPress Automatically
  21. Create Backups for Your WordPress Blog
  22. Import Content from Blogger to WordPress
  23. Add Google Analytics to WordPress
  24. Place a Banner in the Sidebar
  25. Place an Adsense Ad in Your Blog Post
  26. Add Feedburner to Your WordPress Blog
  27. Install and Use the All-In-One SEO Plugin
  28. Install and Use A Contact Form Plugin
  29. Insert an Aweber Form in the Sidebar
  30. Akismet Spam Plugin


Start and stop the videos as often as you need to, to complete your tasks.  These videos are hosted from Google Drive.  Please report any errors or omissions.



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