WordPress For Beginners Video Series

WordPress For Beginners 

This is a good place for new web owners to get expert guidance on how to install WordPress, but to also to tweak the settings for optimum performance. Watching videos while you are doing the install will save you hours of frustration, not because it is hard to do, but because some things just need to get done first.

WordPress Installation

In this section, we will be covering Installing WordPress for Beginners using the auto-installers in your Cpanel Softaculous and Fantastico. (Yeah, this sounds like yummy ice cream).  Our videos will also be showing you how to change the settings, appearance, and widgets for your site.  

WordPress Plugins

Plugins play an important role in the functionality of your site.  We will be covering these in this section.  As a website owner, you will be reeling from the 29,000 plugins to choose from for your site.  You will need to weigh the pros and cons of each plugin.  End users apply a star rating to WordPress products to show their approval toward developers creative work.  

Developers supply plugins to WordPress as a free tool.  If the plugin becomes popular, however, it will eventually become a paid product.  Most developers leave the base plugin available to new owners, with a pro option introduced later on.  If your financial situation allows for upgrades, then keep your favorite plugins.  However, if that is not the case, then you will have to search for a similar plugin to replace it.  

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is a constantly changing platform, and as a web owner, you will be responsible for the maintenance of your site.  This requires frequent logging in, updating WordPress, themes, and plugins.  It also means connecting with subscribers and managing comments and spam, which we will cover in future posts.

The video guides will introduce you to pages and posts and how to create them.  You will also learn how to add new themes from within WordPress.  You will also learn how to download and upload themes from your computer to WordPress via FTP and cPanel.  Installing WordPress via FTP is a bit scary at first, so it is important to take your time and follow the instructions in the videos.

It is easy to learn from the 12 Video Guides on Installing WordPress for Beginners, take your time, stop and start the videos as you work through setting up your own site.

WordPress For Beginners | Video Guides

  1. WordPress – before you begin
  2. Install WordPress using Fantastico
  3. Install WordPress using Softaculous
  4. Updating auto install if needed
  5. Changing settings, appearance, and widgets
  6. Installing plugins for increased functionality
  7. Changing settings for plugins, part 1
  8. Changing settings for plugins, part 2
  9. Changing settings for plugins, part 3
  10. Your first post
  11. Other things you can do with your post
  12. Adding a page
  13. WordPress themes

Hope you enjoyed this video guide series on Installing WordPress for Beginners.  In our next set of upcoming videos, we will be fine-tuning our website with lots of new tips and tricks.

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