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WordpressWordPress software is content management software that you can install for free of charge. It gives you the base for a designer theme or template that will give your blog its individuality.  The developers of this program software make it so easy to use that you only need basic computer skills to use it.  Besides that, you can have an internet site up and running in less than 15 minutes with the WordPress software.  Consequently, there are a number of various reasons why you might want to make use of WordPress CMS on your new website.  Besides the fantastic price of free, there are many other advantages as well.

1. WordPress – Limitless Uses

WordPress has unrestricted uses and abilities.  It works as a personal or business website in addition to being a niche blog site.  With your custom website, you will be able to promote new physical products and services.  You can also establish yourself as an author and authority and use WordPress as a blogging platform.  Many find it advantageous to combine the two uses.

2. Stand Alone Contact Management Software (CMS)

WordPress is standalone software, which means you do not need to go out and find or learn other software to make it work.  When the application finishes installing,  log in to the Admin page and set it up any way you desire.  The majority of your customizations take place from the admin page.  Lastly, you do not need to know any coding like CSS or HTML to run it.

3. Open Source Development Software

WordPress is open source software which is developed by many individuals on an ongoing basis. For this reason, people may use the software free of charge.  Everyone is allowed to use it for any personal or business use without having to spend any money on the product itself.

Individuals may contribute to the project and or submit donations to help with the development.  WordPress is built on a PHP programming language and the MYSQL database server which are both internet standard criteria that offer users a high degree of both security and reliability for their WordPress designs.

4. WordPress – Customer/ User-Friendly

You will not require any type of computer training to use the WordPress software to create your website or blog.  There is a free version of WordPress, which is great for beginners, but it is very limiting on what you can do with it.  It is best to purchase a domain name and hosting for your site.  Therefore, it gives you a greater degree of control, plus you own it.  Therefore, hosting companies make it very easy to get started and have tutorials to help you.  There are many companies to choose from including Host Gator, GoDaddy, Plug-In Profit, FastComet, and Namecheap, just to name a few.  It will cost you $10 – $25.00 for a domain name and hosting will cost around $15.00.  This will allow lots of room for your site to grow without moving to a new home.

5. WordPress Theme Styles

Designers develop theme templates for different types of business or niche.  You are able to apply the theme of your choice to your WordPress site so it has the look that you want for your site.  If you do not like the template that came with your WordPress installation you can search and download one that you do like off the internet.  There are lots of themes to choose from free and premium.


These are just a few of the benefits of why you should use WordPress for your business or blog. Many use their sites to earn income, and you may discover other benefits that you can share with us on your Blog.


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