WORDPRESS Blog + Domain Name

WORDPRESS Blog or Domain Name?

You can create anything you like with a WordPress blog and a domain name that will give your business its online identity.  A domain names brand you, your products and are how people will remember who you are online.  If you are a blogger, blog.  Do you need a store? Then build an e-commerce store. Are you passionate about your artistic talents? WordPress provides a niche theme for every craft imaginable.  The whole point of WordPress is expressing yourself, sharing your ideas, making new friends and business partners.

The WordPress blog or website platform is an open source content management system, which uses templates domain nameand plugins to increase its functionality.  Wordpress uses PHP and MYSQL CMS system and is hosted from a web server. 

The system developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little and released in May of 2003. WordPress’s popularity has soared since then with over 60 million websites in use around the globe.  The extensive repository of plugins and themes helps the user transform each and every site into its own work of art.


First, you need to purchase a domain name. Domain names can be purchased from a number of sources across the internet and provide the user with an internet address, so people can find your site.

Secondly, you will need to purchase hosting from hosting companies like Dreamhost or Fast Comet. It is better to purchase both your domain name and hosting for multiple years, rather than a one-year period.  This tells SEO’s that you are serious about your business, and are more likely to develop the site. 

Your third step is to connect your domain name to your hosting provider via the nameservers. You are telling your hosting service where your domain name is located and vice versa.

Your fourth task is to log into Cpanel (from hosting provider) and install your copy of WordPress. This task can be as simple as a one-button install (no worries).

The fifth and final task is to begin setting up your WordPress site.  Finally, you will decide whether you want a WordPress blog or website and start the building process.  The following pages contain video tutorials to guide you through the setup process.  Stop and start the videos as often as you need to, to complete your setup to your satisfaction.

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