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WordpressWordPress Advance Videos 

Learning with the WordPress Advanced Videos will show you how to get more from your WordPress blog or website.  Designing your website will take some discipline and you will have to set aside some time to learn.  The WordPress Content Management System does not require you to know any HTML or CSS to have a beautiful functional website. The learning WordPress advanced videos series will guide you through all the steps necessary to get your site setup and live on the internet. The series will help you become familiar with the administration area of your site and will build your confidence, to build the site that truly reflects on you.

Owning your own website helps to brand you as an internet entrepreneur whether you are doing affiliate marketing, e-commerce or just a site that you can share with your family.  Owning your own piece of the internet is a very thrilling and rewarding experience, that will have you exploring it beyond the social networks.  Best of all is the fact that all your hard work will be seen across all the digital platforms available across the internet today.  Stop and start the WordPress Advanced Videos as often as needed.  

Learning WordPress Advanced Videos

  1. Customize Your 404 Page
  2. Add or Delete Categories
  3. Block Your Site From Search Engines
  4. Add and Edit New Links In Your Blogroll
  5. Change Your Login Password Through WordPress Admin
  6. Change The Blog Title
  7. Clean Up A New WordPress Blog
  8. Moderate The Comments Made On Your Site
  9. Customize Your WordPress Dashboard
  10. Put a Custom Header in Your Blog
  11. Delete comments Inside the Trash Folder
  12. Add a Digg Button In Your Post
  13. Edit a Blog Post
  14. Add a Facebook Like Button In Your Post
  15. Add a Google Plus Button In Your Post
  16. Set A WordPress Page As Your Blog’s Home Page
  17. Transfer Content From One WordPress Blog to Another
  18. Manage Banner Ads
  19. Change The Number of Blog Posts That Is Shown On The Home Page
  20. Create A Password Protected or Private Post
  21. Recover Your WordPress Password
  22. Secure Your WordPress Blog
  23. Schedule Blog Post For Future Date
  24. Create A Sitemap
  25. Speed Up Your WordPress Blog
  26. Make A Post-Sticky
  27. Add Text Link Ads
  28. Add Thumbnails to Your Posts
  29. Integrate TweetMeme with Your Blog
  30. Install and Configure W3 Total Cache Plugin


We hope you enjoyed this final series of learning WordPress Advanced Videos and that you can now build your own site with renewed confidence.  Stayed tuned as we bring you more in-depth videos on how to use WordPress for business.

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