What Is TDL Machine and How Does It Work

Breaking News: The Downliner a site owned by Jay Carey has turned into a totally awesome referral machine for All In One Profit.  In Less than 12 hours the site has brought in 69 new referrals to the AIOP platform.  The majority of these referrals have upgraded and are receiving referrals from TDL Machine.

This is really a breakthrough in recruiting, mostly because neither of these programs is new to the internet. Numbers like the ones above are generally reserved for new sites being launched, but this is not the case here.

Get TDL Machine!

First, you need to be a member of The Downliner.  Second, I recommend upgrading, the fee is only $9.99 for a Go-Getter account and $19.95 for the Serious Marketer upgrade.  Tons of features and benefits that include free referrals and views for your ads and an extra avenue of income.  If you have never used this advertising platform, you will soon realize the full potential of this site.

Second, after you have joined The Downliner, click the big GREEN button in the center of the page, join All In One Profits, record who your sponsor is (you will need this later) and continue thru to the upgrade page and choose which plan you would like to have either “basic” or “pro”.

When you have completed all of this make sure your AIOP account has updated, and then go back to the dashboard at The Downliner and from the menu on the left of the screen select TDL Machine. Enter your sponsors’ username and your username in the fields provided and click submit.  You have now completed your sign-ups. (This step has been automated to prevent abuse) It now automatically updates the TDL Machine directly from All In One Profits and all you need to do is promote The Downliner and wait for your AIOP referrals to arrive.

Keep TDL Machine Running

Getting referrals for All In One Profit is simple, promote TDL Machine everywhere you can. (please check the banned list) The referrals will be added as they come into the rotator at TDL, The compensation plan at AIOP is based on the even up system, meaning every second referral your first referral gets is passed up to you.

When you signed up to TDL you received shop points, so we recommend that you get your first campaign listed, to whatever you program you wish to promote. Grab your affiliate link and get it posted around the internet, as this will get you more co-op views.

Now you can earn from TDL when you sign up referrals, and to AIOP – A Double Whammy for sure!

Waiting means that you are not earning, join for free now and check us out!

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