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Video guides to domains and hosting is a visual tutorial, depicting all the foundation steps needed to create a website.  Our video guides will guide through all the steps to complete the task.

Before WordPress can be installed, there are all these other technical tasks that you must do. First, you need a domain name, an internet address, so people can find your site.  Then you need to find a company to host your site. Next, you need to point your address to your hosting company (link them together) via nameservers.  Lastly, our video guides will show you how to upload files via FTP from your computer to your web hosting service, or from Cpanel, so that your content can be viewed live on the internet.

Video Guides for WordPress

Getting started with WordPress is easy, using our video guides to help you understand all the steps involved, for the perfect install and setup for SEO (search engine optimization). Owning more than one site is beneficial, as you can link them together just enough to establish yourself as an online authority.  Hence you may have heard of the term spidering, which just means creating new avenues of content that lead back to a common source. External sites, help to validate your current sites, especially if you share links and videos between them.  These interactions help to increase traffic, your SEO rankings and over time your sales from all your sites.  

The following videos will walk you through all the steps. Stop and start the videos as often as you need to until you have completed the tasks.  

Video Guides

  1. Register A Domain Name
  2. Choose & Register A Web Hosting Provider
  3. Set up A Nameserver For Your Domains
  4. Upload Files Via FTP

We know, lots of technical jargon and stuff that leaves you wishing for a nap, but if you managed these, and learned something, then we know it was worthwhile.  Soon you will be a pro, and building sites like this or better than ours.

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