Tips to Increase Your Adwords Profit

Google Adwords

adwordsGoogle Adwords is a search engine advertising platform that works by allowing advertisers to bid on keywords so that their ‘clickable’ ads can appear in search results. Having the right kind of knowledge can get you lots of traffic thanks to Adwords, and more profits. Below are some of the tips to boost your advertising, and consequently, your sales through Adwords:

1. Compile a list of all the possible keywords associated with your product or service. Start with the niche that you are in and expand into offshoots of the niche (like blue shoes, instead of just shoes). The more keywords you can generate, the better. Remember that these are search terms that your potential customer is entering in the search engine so think of incorrectly spelled keywords that your competitors might not think of. For instance, instead of just bidding on the word ‘aluminum’, bid on ‘Aluminium’, ‘Alumeneum’ and other misspellings as well. Search engine always uses suggestions for misspelled words so using these keywords will ensure that people are able to find you.

Geographic Targeting

2. You can also use geographic targeting so that your ads reach the most relevant audience in the correct area. For instance, not everyone would be looking for “snow tires” so you would want to target countries that use this product. The Adwords campaign platform gives you the option to “Target customers by location’, especially if your product or service is restricted to a particular area of delivery. Always be thinking about the customer, you are not selling to yourself so you want to make sure that your campaigns are reaching the correct market for maximum profitability.


3. Dayparting is another great tip you should use if you are looking to showcase your ads during business hours. You can drive foot traffic through your store by limiting traffic to your business hours for your store. This shortens the time frame, but also allows higher conversions by utilizing busier times of the day, once again focusing on maximizing the profits.


4. Adwords gives you the option to decide which network you wish to target and monitor your ads on. Some networks may be able to give you higher click-thru rates for your niche, again with your eye on the bottom line. If you have a small budget it is advisable to stick with Google search networks. As your business grows you can expand and use alternate networks to reach an even larger audience.


Website advertising is all about driving traffic to your site, and ultimately turning visitors into buyers. The Adword platform offers great a way of doing this, even on a small budget. Adwords also provides you with analytics to assist you in developing your advertising and maximizing every cent you spend.


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