Tested and Proven 30 Day Down-line Builder Challenge

Why would you want to do a 30 challenge at Tested and Proven?

Literally, every traffic exchange and safe-list/mailer have a built-in downline builder. Ultimately the goal is to get you join the programs listed, have you fill in your ids to the programs and then promote, and hopefully have your referrals do the same.

Unfortunately, there are people like me, who never fill these things in, or most often never even promote them, so of course, I am literally throwing money away.  So I’ve been told.

So I decided that I would give it a shot, and see what happens.  Fortunately, I have a program that I think I joined in late 2015.  Fast forward to October of 2016, and I think I logged in and spent time filling in my referral ids to the programs listed.  I think I even promoted it for a week or so, and then forgot about it, again.


Tested And Proven


Rumor has it that this is the best downline builder program on the internet.  The owners Penny Cannon/Klaus Biesel are awesome admins with tons of online marketing experience.  They launched Tested and Proven in 2014, and their results are tracked and posted on site. The second reason is that this is a totally free program.  

This means you can build downlines in a bunch of programs and maybe make some money when people join you at TAP and do the same as you. What is not free are the programs in the downline builder.  If you really want to make money with this tool, then you need to upgrade in as many of these programs as possible.  The reason, higher commissions, monthly residual income.  Words every marketer likes to hear.

The best way to promote the Tested and Proven program is through email marketing and using traffic exchanges that have a huge membership.  The goal is to reach as many people as possible on a daily basis, and not give up or forget ( I’m bad)

How will this 30-day challenge works?

The challenge will begin Monday morning June 26 9:00 am and end on July 26 9:00 am. I will be using a tracking link and I will choose a splash page from the site to promote Tested and Proven. We will record our daily results, sign-ups etc.,  On day 30 we tabulate our results, and I will do an updated post to give you the results.

See you back here in 30 days for some awesome results…or better still give it a try yourself!


Conclusion:   Zero, zero, zero – no referrals in any of the programs in the downline builder after 90 days of marketing.



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