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Have you heard the news yet?  Strong Future International supports their affiliates by not only providing them with free training, games, forum and internet lessons but also gives them a downline to help get them started.  Third world countries can now participate without financial prejudice, they can earn cv from affiliates in their downline.  It is worthy to note here that an affiliate only needs a few eager members under them to start earning.

SFI – Versapoints

The Versapoints system also rolls over into the following month so that a new member who does not qualify for EA in their first month can easily attain this in their second month.  The new system also gives new affiliates more time to become familiar with the site without becoming overwhelmed by the tons of information on the site.  It also gives Team Leaders like me time to interact with new affiliates to help them move forward in their new business.

If you hadn’t guessed, I am a member of Strong Future International.  Currently, I hold Bronze Team Leader status, and I work my business daily by logging in and doing my tasks, but also forming plans on how to grow my business.

Internet marketing is a people business, so you do need to confer with your downline often.  Many will join you and do absolutely nothing, some will start as eager beavers and do all they can and others will need some prodding

Fortunately, Strong Future International provides all the necessary communication tools right from the site with internal email and chat systems in place so that you can communicate with your downline.

SFI – Sample Email

This is a copy of an email newsletter I sent out to my downline.  My messages to them change each week as do emails that SFI sends out to all the members.


Good Day SFI er’s

I stumbled across a forum conversation this week that asked the question…Why should I attain EA status if I do not have a downline yet?  As you are my downline, it is important to read through some of the comments in this posting.  You can read it here:

My own position is this:  There are no quick ways to earn monthly residual income without doing some work or investing.

How do I know this?  I have been searching myself for over 10 years, and have joined many programs costing much more than SFI.

This program works because it provides something for every person who comes here, no matter where they live.  It truly is a global online community with the goal of helping people like you and me attain the best out of life that we can.

If you are not willing to work to benefit yourself, who will do it for you?

If you do not invest in your business, then why should your downline invest in theirs?

At SFI – they have made all of this very easy…and inexpensive.

All you have to do is log in each day and do as much as you possibly can…the rest will come in time.

Others that come into SFI after you will look up to you and do the same.

You can also apply the training from SFI to other opportunities.

Success will be yours if you just do it…put the shoes on and run the mile.

Video Tutorials

Need some guidance – here are some tutorial videos to point you in the right direction.

Video 1 –
Video 2 –
Video 3  –


Must Read!

Strong Future InternationalA Must Read Book recommended by Jerry Carson – The Magic Of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz:




“Go ahead and build something great”

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Florence Robertson
Bronze Team Leader

As a Team Leader I am super excited about all the new changes at Strong Future International, and if you were there before, you need to come back and give it another go.  I could go on, and on but the easiest way is to go find out for yourself. Join Free >> >>

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