Scammed – How To Avoid It In The Future

scammedScammers target people of every description.  Scammers enjoy coming up with new schemes to scam people.

Despite government intervention, many people are scammed every day.  Therefore it is important for you to take a few extra minutes to understand that you may be under attack.


Scammed by Scammers

1. You promote the program extensively but get no referrals.
2. Links you place on the site yield no sales or sign-ups despite healthy promotions.
3. Admin keeps changing the rules so that they never have to pay.

Action to Take

1. Take a leave of absence from the site.
2. Promote the same links in a new environment and record the results.
3. Promote the program elsewhere with a friend and see who gets referrals if any.

Protect yourself, always know who you are dealing with.  Never click on spam email unless you are sure that it is safe.  Use your anti-virus program to scan emails and websites before entering a new site or opening up mail.  Use Google as your detective to check unfamiliar phone calls and never give someone access to your devices unless it’s for a legitimate repair.  Scan your devices often to detect malicious software and spyware.  Therefore, if something seems strange or not working correctly, check with the administration of the site or webmaster.  Likewise, a few extra minutes of your time will save you from being scammed.




Before joining a program do some research to find out if the program is good or not and make sure the testimony comes from a real user and not the admin’s buddy.  Follow links to the source and match links in address bars.  Programs that you use every day, will be the target of a scammer waiting to make you their victim.

I love network marketing and the best way to keep it clean is to boycott the bad ones.  Eventually, the scammed will win the battle against scammers.

👍👍👍Stay safe everyone!


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