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Mobile Marketing

mobile marketingThis quick how-to guide on using mobile marketing to grow your business is not without justification, as more and more people turn to mobile devices.  It is estimated that most home computer and laptops will be replaced with tablets and cell phone units by the end of 2025.  It makes perfect sense that businesses begin to market to these new devices.  The ability to capture the consumer at times when they would otherwise not be available is truly the beauty of mobile marketing.


Affiliate marketers and business persons alike will be able to cater to individual niches within the consumer marketplace.  It is best that all images, videos, and text etc., be configured for mobile devices.  This would allow the consumer the best experience and usage of the sites.  It is also imperative that the sites load quickly, as consumers are not patient and most pay for data transfers by the byte.


It is against the law to spam people, whether it’s email or mobile.  This where mobile marketing gets tricky because they need to find you.  You can do this using keywords and long tail keyword search terms that the customer may be looking for in the search engines.  I have learned that a few mobile search engines have sprung up, specifically for the mobile market, but still rely on the big one Google for most of their information.

Turn Your Website Into A Mobile Application

Some businesses are turning to apps to engage their customers and clients.  Apps allow users and business owners to interact with one another and is permission based.  As a business owner, this is great, because now you can send out an alert for sales, special and new happenings within your business that the user may be interested in.  The best part of a mobile marketing system is that it is taking place in real time, with two-way conversations and interactions.

Take The Leap

It may sound complicated but, if you have a WordPress site like this one, then all you need is  Super Powerful Web Apps, no code needed.

You can install the app either by downloading and then uploading to your site or use the convenient Plugin installer from the WordPress dashboard.  Activate the plugin and then go to the plugin settings page and enter your preferences.

Next, from your phone type in the address of your website, scroll to the bottom and select “Add to Homepage”.  You should see your webpage icon.  Select the icon and it will be placed on your phone homepage.  That is it!  Your website is now an app ready for mobile marketing and discovery.


It is at this point that you are as direct and explanatory as possible.  You do not want to waste their time and resources for trivial offerings.  The whole idea of mobile marketing is to build those lasting relationships, that will have those customers and clients coming back to you.  So send out your offers and coupons out in a professional manner.  Do not send coupons for chocolate if the customer is clearly wanting oranges.  Send them coupons of oranges dipped in chocolate instead….hmmm!  Thus a happier customer!

Mobile Marketing – Testing 1, 2, 3

Affiliate marketer knows that to run an effective campaign, that they need to run several variants of the campaign to find out which one the customer will relate to the best.  It is the greatest tactic marketers have, in finding out exactly what the customer is looking for.  This is very valuable information for the marketer, as they are then able to offer the customer exactly what they want and reach the podium to higher sales.

The Importance of GPS

Among the most intriguing components of the new smartphones is the usable function of GPS.  Besides keeping track of family members, it also allows customers and clients to find your physical business.  Even better, they can get directions right to your door.  Registering your physical address with Google will have clients and customers finding you with ease. You can do this for your websites as well by using your home address so if you only sell advertising or website development etc., you can still be physically found.


Lastly, make sure you are utilizing your personal brand via a logo, specialized text message and or your mobile business card that contains all the data about your business.  This will impress users that you are not a spammer, that you are a real business, offering them solid reliable service.


No matter what kind of marketing you are undertaking, test every aspect of it with someone who knows you and does not mind responding and giving you their honest opinion of your campaign.  After all, you are doing all of this for a reason, and you want the best user experience for your customers.  Mobile marketings time is here, and no one can escape the influence of a savvy business that offers their customers desirable products or service.

Utilizing and understanding how the mobile marketing arena functions will allow your business to grow, and embracing it can only lead to good outcomes.



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