Human Being vs AI Robot

humanWhen I first started to blog I used to care a lot about Google SEO, and over time I’ve come to realize that their requirements to get “ranked” are ridiculous.  We are not robots, we are humans looking for some other kind of human interaction.  Who gives a damn about “passive voice” or “transitions”.  I am a human being, not a robot (last I checked)

In a digital world, actually having human contact with another human being may be a far gone conclusion (no puns intended there) because I am no exception seeing as it’s 2:30 am and I’m still sitting at my computer, pounding on the keyboard.

Human Reflections

The closest I got to human interaction was at the end of a snow shovel, and the need to move three vehicles from the driveway.  I needed to get outdoors and breath some fresh air, that’s why I live North of 50.  That and 40 years of smoking.  If I make 2 more years without cancer, I will probably be okay.  I quit July 20th, 2015 cold turkey.  Halls strong has been my crutch ever since.  Seems to take the cravings away, and I know that if someone offered me a cigarette, that I would probably take it.  Nicotine is as addictive as heroin, I hear.  Resisting the urge and I pop a Hall’s instead knowing that I have added another day to my calendar.

I think a lot of us don’t know where we are going.  How does one plan a future, mine was shaped by circumstance?  Things happen, you react in what you think may be your best interest, but then later down the road, you wonder if you chose the right path.  But really what is right, what is wrong?



We said goodbye to 2017 at the beginning of January, but here we are still pondering the what if’s.  Facebook keeps patting me on the shoulder for making so many friends on Facebook and then I flip to Youtube and watch videos from their employees that say that Facebook is screwing us up.  That we are all addicted to getting likes and recognition.

Tis true I’m afraid, just try staying away for one day.  Yeah, that is a challenge.  I myself, am hopeless.  I go there for business reasons but there I am talking nonsense and warding off perverts. Being in the matrix is grand indeed!


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