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Florence Robertson is the author of Web Cash Ninja and is a digital entrepreneur with eight years of online experience. Florence taught herself internet marketing using natural curiosity and a lot of imagination.  Determined to learn and utilize the internet for financial gain, she discovered WordPress in 2011.  

The WordPress blogging platform proved a challenge to learn and execute. Her love for blogging and WordPress has grown ever since.  Thru this blog you will learn to master WordPress, embrace the written word, improve your self-confidence and gain a liberating independence that will have you reaching your online goals.

The Author of Web Cash Ninja

The author of Web Cash Ninja comes from Ontario, Canada, 2.5 hours north of Thunder Bay. Florence Robertson is the mother of three sons, and one daughter, grandmother to four grandsons and two granddaughters.  She has now traded her running shoes for slippers indoors and hikers when out fishing and exploring the wilderness.

Florence’s professional career consisted of 15 years in Food Service as a professional cook, moving on to Office Administration, Accounting and ending the final chapter in Media Distribution.  The country life provides the perfect blogging atmosphere, with long walks, hours fishing and plenty of time to nurture new ideas.

New people coming to the internet for the first time can easily become overwhelmed, confused and frustrated.  Often there is no one to turn to for guidance and help.  I understand what the reader is up against, and Florence Robertson and Web Cash Ninja will be here to help and guide you along the way. There are no silly questions, only confident, assuring answers.

Many affiliate programs require people to work together in teams or groups as this shortens the time period for members to begin earning income.  She also builds teams with Strong Future International, Global Domains International, and Plug-in-Profits Site which provides monthly residual income for all the members.

Daily she helps members of her group to push their boundaries further, and test new areas of marketing.  The greatest satisfaction comes when the butterflies wings have dried and they flutter away.

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