Building Your Self-Esteem Today


abounds in a world of chaos, how do you stay calm and composed but still manage to keep your wits in such a tough environment? Here are some self-improvement tips to start you on your way to higher self-esteem.

We are going to play a little game where you will imagine yourself as being the target at the archery range. Everything and everyone around you may become Arrows. These arrows will destroy you and it will feel like someone took away your breath every time they hit you. You won’t even remember exactly how they got you, but you need to learn which arrow took your wind, so the next time you can stop it before it happens.

self-esteem Negative Work Environment

Your work environment is probably the most negative place to be, but we have to be there because we have families to support. Your co-workers are in the same place as you, competition is stiff, everyone is struggling to be the top dog. No one in this environment will appreciate any of your contributions, nor will they miss you if you take a sick day. Competing in this environment will drain you, better to save your strength for a healthier environment that you can compete in without draining yourself. Do your job, but don’t compete. You do not want to be the target.

self-esteem Other People’s Behavior

There’s a whole group of people that no matter what you do will always remain negative people. There is nothing you can do for these types of people. These are people that are the whiners, backstabbers, the wounded, control freaks, naggers, complainers, patronizers… all of these people will pose bad vibes for you. Best to be polite, but not make friends with or engage too often in social environments. Avoid if you can.


Changing Environment

self-esteemThe best way to handle changes in your environment is to embrace them as a learning experience. When the situation challenges you, be flexible, be adaptable and alter your outlook. Often, it is how you feel inside that is portrayed outwards that is the actual problem. You can‟t be a butterfly if your still a green bug. Often taking a lighter approach solves the problem, just because you handled the situation so well.


self-esteem Past Self-Esteem

We have all had bad things happen to us and it really is okay to say “ouch” but you also need to get over it. Do not let the pain transform itself into “fear of” When we experience pain we should learn from it and move on. It should not stop you from moving forward in your life. That was yesterday, this is today! Treat your failures and mistakes as lessons.


self-esteem Negative World View

It’s one thing to watch the news and be informed, it’s a different story to become obsessive-compulsive about the negative events that surround us every day. A good way to stay positive is to volunteer some of your time to a worthy cause to keep negativity in the balance. Negative situations can also teach us how to make the best out of the worst situations and end up on the positive side of things.


self-esteem Determination Theory

You have probably heard this phrase “I was born this way”. To a point this is true, we all inherit genetic traits from our parents, from our environment growing up, and from the types of people that surround you. Many successful people came from very poor backgrounds, some were the sons and daughters of murderers and scoundrels. The lesson here is, that you can be whoever you want to be if you want it bad enough. You have your own identity, learn from the people that surround. If you don’t like that behavior, then do not do it yourself. Failure only happens to those who do not take action.

In conclusion, are people born to be leaders and positive thinkers? I do not think so! It is my opinion that staying positive is a choice we have to make. Building self-esteem and laying down the line for self-improvement is also a choice. It’s not a rule or a talent. It is a battlefield, a minefield of negativity that we need to learn how to navigate through. Yes, we will get cuts and bruises along the way, but we are made strong enough to weather the storms. When we have fully developed ourselves, we have taken control of our life missions, our values, and our discipline. Developing yourself also develops self-improvement, evaluation, and determination.

What is the best way to start up the building blocks of self-esteem?

♠ Be positive in all things.
♣ Be contented and happy
♥ Appreciate what you have.
♦ Never miss the opportunity to compliment

We hope you found some guidance with this article and that it takes you to wherever you want to go!  Need to know more on the subject, then this site should help you greatly from the University of Toronto, Health & Wellness Centre


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