Blogging and Social Networking Past and Present

Blogging History

blogging for incomeYou could say that blogging and social networking are harmoniously connected.  They both contain certain idiosyncrasies and resources of each other. Each is targeting a wide movement of individuals within the sphere of multimedia interaction.  It is true that blog posts get regulated by SEO and kept private by new rules and regulations.  Overall, the main purpose of either is to reach a large number of people beyond the medium used to voice your opinion.

Other similarities are that both concepts blogging and social media have existed in cyberspace since the late 70’s.  The communication device was developed during World War II with the Enigmas machine.  During the Kennedy administration, it was put to the scientific communities to bridge these gaps to improve communications with other countries and avoid disastrous consequences.  As you can see the initial stages of both were rather exclusive of one another.  Finally, in the early 80’s we merge the two entities together with Arpanet so that educational and security organizations could communicate amongst themselves.


In the mid-90’s a more private means of communication was discovered when they realized they could utilize telephone lines to transmit typed text to individuals.

Blogging quickly became the ultimate method to channel your thoughts out on to an online journal.  Sharing went from word of mouth via chat rooms to social media by the end of the 1990’s.   Now everyone can access millions of people, making it easy for bloggers to reach a wide audience.  Blogging made it easy for people to earn income from their blogs as this branded them as authorities in their field.  The more recognition one gets the easier it is to make viral income.

It is interesting to note that the original word for “blog” was “weblog” meaning a log to record your thoughts and events of each day.  Our primitive past-time has been turned into an instrument for propaganda and discussions.

Blogging Today

Automation Today blogging is an important tool for advertising.  It assists business owners to market their products, for politicians to sell their ideologies, to the masses.  Moreover, the creation of a blog and maintaining it requires very little money.  Everyone can now have a personal blog, thanks to sites like Blogger, free of cost.   One does not need to be a computer engineer or a graphic web designer to embellish their blog.

Nowadays, simple drag and drop elements, add your text, add an image and you have a beautiful blog post.  Whether you choose free service like this one or one that requires your own domain, hosting and templates, blogging is still the best medium to reach the masses as it is easily shared with 100’s of social media outlets around the world.

So there you have it, how to make viral income on a shoestring budget.

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