Article Spin Writers 8 Reasons To Not Use Them

Lots of article spin writers software can be found all over the internet. Needless to say, article marketing is still the most efficient way of building hundreds if not thousands of backlinks to your websites. Automatic article spinning uses special spinning software that some people refer to as an SEO black hat technique used to trick SEOs into thinking you are providing quality content. If you are caught by the search engines it can hurt a website’s search engine page rankings and drive your online business off the map. Article Spin WritersToday, article marketing is one of the most popular ways of marketing products, services, ideas or even an entire business.  Sourcing new content ideas and writing new content is time-consuming. The article marketing spectrum has been tainted primarily due to this need for new content.


Article Spin Writers 8 Reasons To Not Use Them

Reason 1: Search engines love fresh new content that is delivered consistently by the website owner. It’s no secret that search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing loves fresh content to show their visitors. Websites and blogs that post timely and fresh content on a regular basis are often ranked high in Internet searches. The website owners reward from the SEOs for their hard work.

Reason 2: A good number of article spinning software spins unreadable versions of an article. The problem with article spin writers software is that it produces low-quality content, often unreadable or making no sense. Instead of using article spinning software, you can simply re-write articles manually.

Reason 3: Often the word structure/phrases are different but the general idea and concept are similar. Article spin writers software can only create different versions of a unique article. To provide your readers with fresh new content then you need to produce and publish high-quality original articles as your best marketing strategy.

Reason 4: Spinning articles is often seen as stealing or infringing on copyright laws. Often the software just swaps out words and does not produce unique content, content that represents the style of the person writing the article or owner of the blog. It is easy to tell a spun article from one that was written by the blog owner because it lacks personality.  

Reason 5: Spun articles do not provide any additional value to readers Spun articles cannot provide any value to readers, using content that has already been published, unless new material is being added to the original copy. Then credit should always be given to the original author, with their permission.

Reason 6: The Google, Bing and Yahoo algorithms are set to find spun articles. All the major search engines are well prepared to seek and respond to article spinning. Google’s Panda update is focused on identifying low-quality sites such as content farms that house spun articles. If SEO finds these articles on your website, it will drop your site in the page rankings, which is not good news for your site.

Reason 7: Article spinning sets limits to your creativity. The whole idea of having your own blog/website is that you wished to share your wisdom and knowledge with everyone. Article spinning limits a writer’s creativity– alters intent and changes the personality of your website. Spinning an article doesn’t make you a writer. Spinning articles is also a lazy way of obtaining backlinks and will surely backfire once search engines find out your “unethical” practices.

Reason 8: The market is saturated with spun articles. Using articles from other websites, most likely means that you are regurgitating already spun content into new/old articles. I refer to it as beating a dead horse, cause it has no value. It is much better to write all new content from a new perspective than to whip the horse again. Your site will benefit more from new content and will reward you with higher page rankings for not having a duplicate content copy.


Most article spinners are not good for the health of your website, yet many of us still use them. Adopting a better way of using them is best and it goes like this:  Find the content you are looking for – copy and paste to notepad or another editor.    Use the spinner to spin paragraphs for you, and from these write a whole new article using your own words and the spun paragraph as an idea generator.  Many articles have been written that can be re-done with up to date information added. Things change and so do articles.  Keep in mind also that there are Article Spinners on the market that can do 50 percent of the work for you, and that you should always check your work for plagiarism and or give credit when credit is due to someone else.  Always seek permission before posting someone else’s work.


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