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Affiliate Marketing Websites | Why Do You Need One?

There is a whole world of affiliate marketing from websites that many people never tackle.  Mostly because they lack the skills to build a website and start promoting.  Web Cash Ninja is about showing people just how easy it can be to make your own website.  

Why Do You Need A Website?

A website gives you a base to market from – it is your storefront.  Your storefront tells the public what you are doing and who you are.Web Cash Ninja Storefront

You are creating your own little neighborhood.  In your neighborhood, you can market any kind of product that you wish.  Your storefront will have to advertise, showing people what you are selling, or what is important to you.

Storefronts outside your neighbor are willing to pay you to display their advertisements in your store. This is how your websites will make money. The concept is very simple. Copy and paste advertisements on your site and then advertise your site to the world. Your new site is creating you multiple streams of income.


How Much Will It Cost You?

brand, brander identityThe cost to start a website is relatively small.  A domain will cost you $2.00 to $25.00 per year depending on what you choose.  A domain is the name of your store/websites.  The next thing you need is hosting. This is like paying rent for your store space.  It will cost you $10.00 to $15.00 each month.  The last cost that you will incur is for promoting your site.  This cost can vary from $0 to hundreds of dollars every month and depends on fast you want to reach your financial goal.  It is much cheaper to launch an online business than a physical store or office.

Where Will You Get Your Product

products, shopping, ecommercePopular products for your websites can be found from sites like Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, Share-A-Sale, JVZoo, and of course E-Bay and Amazon.  Each one of these sites contains marketing materials from various advertisers that you can use to generate income.   Some sites require an application to be submitted and a wait time for approval to their sites.  Once you are approved the advertisers provide filters and search boxes to help you find a suitable advertiser for your website.  After you have selected an advertiser, you copy and paste the advertisement into your website.  When people view and buy from your URL tracked ad, you will get paid a commission from the company to your merchant account of choice (Paypal).


The cost to have websites that makes you money each month is small in comparison to buying into shiny new programs every month.  You can have an online business for less than $200.00 per month to start.  To reduce the costs, do more promotions yourself.  You may need to put lots of time into your business the first six months, but the rewards will be great.


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