What You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing

wisdom and intuitionWhat you need to know about Affiliate Marketing is the whole truth, nothing but the truth. The sad truth is that most affiliates will never make more than 100 dollars a month. This is not really their fault, but the fault of the early days of the internet, then yes, you could make a good buck very easily, very quickly.

Times have changed, but the thinking has not, so the myth continues onward that you can make a fast buck. This is not true, unless you are a professional marketer, with access to all the tools, unlimited cash and lots of online experience.  If you are just starting out research the claims a site is making before joining and or paying out any monies.  This one step will save you thousands of dollars, because usually before you are finished researching you will find the one thing that will make you think twice.  Secondly, write the address of the site down and go back at a later time to look at the site again, again do your research.

Affiliate marketers are advertisers, graphic designers, communication specialists, human resource managers, and financial consultants. Affiliate marketers wear many hats in their day-to-day online activities. Mastering one or two of these skills is great progress, mastering all would be pure genius. That just ruled out 99% of the marketers online today. So it is not surprising to see affiliate marketers jumping from program to program in the hopes that they hit the mother load…I was one of them till…I stopped jumping!

What you really need to do is to focus, don’t count on making a full-time income until you:

1. Build a foundation for your online business (The website)
2. Focus on mastering the skills to bring 25, then 50, then 100 visitors to your site each day.
3. Choose promotional products and merchants relative to your sites main topic.
4. Implement unique content for your site.
5. Test and monitor your site using free and paid tools from Google

You can not fix the engine if you have not done the diagnostics. No point in adding gasoline if the engine is broke.

Building websites is a totally separate topic, but it is a necessary step to take if you are really serious about making a steady income from affiliate programs. The cost is small, and over time can really boost your affiliate marketing paycheck, paychecks that you re-invest back into your business, because as your knowledge grows, so will the income.

The hardest challenge is getting started, and it takes time to learn your way around and get the hang of things. Gather free e-books on different subjects, and spend some time reading.  Every time you encounter an obstacle, go to the internet and search for the topic you are trying to learn. YouTube has a vast learning library on Affiliate Marketing in many different subtopics from industry leaders and people who have the experience and are good affiliate marketing mentors. Learning is your key to online success.

Your first months as an affiliate marketer will be like a chicken in the farmyard pecking the ground looking for bugs. This is when you should take a look at what you are doing, and try to improve upon it, find the better bugs.  This is how your business will continue to grow.

Start with one program, keep marketing this one program until you are making a steady income from it. Then you can add another program, and do the same with the next one. Now you will have 2 streams of income. Integrate all the tools the internet provides to gain traffic to your programs and offers.

Incidentally, internet tools and advertising are the largest income earners for most affiliate marketers.  The money will come steadily from blogging, using traffic exchanges, utilizing email marketing, posting articles in forums, participating in social media marketing and doing search engine optimization on everything you post to the internet.

Soon you will have a business that will pay you multiple streams of income, and a life of your own choosing. Start today and reap tomorrow!

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