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Traffic is the lifeblood of the internet, without it information would not pass from one site to the other.  It is the word of mouth of the internet.  Traffic allows us to promote the things we like to other people.  These days, we do it in order to earn money from something that we enjoy doing.  We also use traffic to get people to join our programs, visit our splash pages, and to spend time on our websites.

That being said, not all traffic is the same.  Nearly eight years have gone by since I first landed on the internet and began promoting.  A lot has changed over the years, and older sites are being updated by newer more responsive sites for the mobile markets. People shy away from using sites that are slow, have long timers and have malware that can cause damage to your device.

In a busy modern digital world, our traffic needs to move as fast as we do.  When we promote our product to the world we want it delivered quickly, and to a market that buys.

There are different types of traffic, and these are ones we will talk about today:

  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Mailers/Safe-lists
  • Pay Per Click
  • Organic Traffic

Traffic Exchanges

First off, there are two different types of Traffic Exchanges.  The first type of traffic exchange is produced using an auto-surf script, that allows people to submit their links/pay for x number of hits or auto-surf other sites for credits.  This type of system works by logging in and clicking the surf button and leaving while the software rotates the sites to your IP address.  For the most part, this type of system is pointless, as no one is actually watching the ads.  We have a saying in the business, no new eyes seeing your product equals no sales.  I think at best you could expect a .05% chance of getting a sale after tens of thousands of views.  In reality, this is a long time to have your devices tied up viewing ads, for such a small return.

The second method on the scene is manual traffic exchanges.  These manual sites use special scripts for membership sites/rotator/trackers at the very least. Some scripts also include special scripts for playing games, loyalty rewards, and many others to make each site unique.  Often the theme/design/color will help to determine the popularity of the site.  These sites function by the user clicking icons, receiving credits and moving forward to the next site in rotation.  If you are not familiar with traffic exchanges as yet, you can click the sites in the slider for different views of traffic exchanges.


Mailers and Safe-list marketing is the best form of online marketing in my opinion.  This type of traffic is generated by writing headlines and emails and then posting the email into different mailer/safe-lists sites.  Again, there are two types of email marketing, the first method is very general and sent using mailer/safe-lists sites, the second is solo email marketing, generally, a service that you pay extra for, and by individuals who specialize in this type of marketing.  

Email marketing is a great way to build your list of contacts, and you have probably heard that the money is in the list.  Your list of contacts are people who like your products and services, and will most likely do business with you again.  You can see why this is such a popular method of getting traffic.  

In order to receive credits for your own mailings, you will need to view other people’s emails.  This done by logging into your email accounts and clicking on and reading those emails.  A faster method is an auto open service like the one below that can save you lots of clicking time and a service I use myself.  The price for credits is about $1.00 per thousand and this site will easily generate that in the first hour that you use it.  I highly recommend this site if you are really serious about earning a living online.

We will do more articles on email marketing in the future, as this type of traffic, is the best for getting referrals, sales and building a targeted list of contacts for future promotions.  The slider below showcases some of my favorite mailers/safe-lists that I use each and every week.  Over the past 2 years my list has grown to nearly 600 members, so you can see how effective email marketing really is.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click traffic is exactly what it sounds like.  You purchase (x) credits from a reputable company, give them your link, they, in turn, give you a tracking link so you can see how many views your site has received.  Some people swear that this is a great way to get traffic to a site, but for me, the jury is still out.  The greatest drawback is finding a company that can get you targeted quality visitors.  Without this feature, you might just as well purchase credits from a traffic exchange. Personally, this is like buying a lottery ticket and hoping that you have a winner.  The only way I can see that this may help you is if you used this to boost views to a website, increasing your search engine rankings.  Even then, the results would be minimal, as Google looks for other things like the amount of time a visitor spends on your site and the quality of your content etc.,  SEO Clerks  is a site I have used in the past, but do your research before you buy, as with all things on the internet (better safe than sorry).

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is traffic that finds your website as a result of unpaid search results. These search results come from people who search for things in the search engines.  In turn, websites are optimized by the use of keywords on their sites, so that when people enter these words in the search engine box, they can find your site, and visit.

Keywords play an important role in getting quality traffic to your site. Google, Bing, and Yahoo all host tools for webmasters.  Tools that will help you optimize your site and get you the traffic you need to earn income online.  If this is the kind of traffic you need then I suggest that you seek guidance from SEMRUSH in addition to the big three.

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