Affiliate Marketing – A Beginners Guide

giving and receiving, money, trade, Affiliate Marketing is an avenue of internet marketing that provides the tools by which to market, with the marketer providing the traffic or promotion of the product and receiving compensation from the advertiser.  If internet marketing is the umbrella, then affiliate marketing is just one of the spokes that make up the marketing umbrella with other spokes being blogging, social marketing, video marketing, pay per click marketing and even e-commerce.

There are many ways of marketing, affiliate marketing is just one avenue. Advertisers are the prime employers of affiliate marketers. Advertisers pay affiliate marketers to advertise and promote their products and services from their websites. Promoters use text ads, banners, videos, articles and website reviews to assist them in getting maximum exposure for the advertiser and in return, the advertiser compensates the promoter for their work.

Promoter/Publisher/Affiliate Marketer

Publishers/affiliates/promoters are people who promote the goods and services of a commercial enterprise (advertiser).  The advertiser will pay a fee on all qualified clicks/sales/leads. Publishers promote the advertiser by displaying ads which may be in the shape of banner advertisements (most common), textual content hyperlinks (only), product reviews and blog articles. Every time a certified lead/sale is generated the advertiser will pay the writer a commission. Commissions are often a percentage of the sale amount or a set amount. Today there is a strong emphasis on cross-promoting to achieve maximum payouts from advertisers. The advertisers will invariable increase payouts to promoters/affiliate marketers based on performance.


Advertiser (also called a logo, store, service provider) is an organization that sells a product or offers a service that someone is willing to pay money for. Merchants/advertisers employ publishers to generate more sales and leads for their product or service. Advertisers/merchants choose affiliates by application to market their merchandise for maximum conversions. Payouts to publishers are calculated as follows:


  • Paid per click (PPC) – You receive a commission for all legitimate clicks that you generate regardless of leads/sales.
  • Pay per lead (PPL) – Pay in line with lead packages the advertiser will pay you a fee (a set amount) for a certified movement which can be a brief survey, free trial, install, join up, form submission and so forth.
  • Paid per sale (PPS) – Paid in line with sale programs the advertiser will pay you a percentage of all certified income. The most popular pay in keeping with sale affiliate software is Amazon associates where you can earn up to 15 % relying upon the category of merchandise.

Affiliate Networks

An affiliate network is a hub which connects the advertisers and publishers. The affiliate networks use business tools to keep track of affiliates and advertisers. They organize and generate, reports, links, offer details and manage payments between publishers and advertisers. Advertisers may pick an affiliate community(s) to control their associate program or may additionally use their personal in-residence affiliate network/platform.

How Does Associate Advertising Work? 

You (affiliate/publisher) join up for an advertiser’s associate program. Choose a product or service you wish to promote.  The advertiser will assign you get an affiliate hyperlink (a unique URL which uses your username/identity)so that the advertiser may track your activity.

How Does Affiliate Advertising And Marketing Work?

Customers that visit your site and click on a hyperlink are taken to the advertiser’s site. The advertiser drops a cookie on your purchaser’s digital device. The customer places an order from the advertiser, the publisher is credited with the sale. Furthermore, customers who visit, but do not buy, the cookie can remain active on a purchaser’s device for up to 365 days. Hence, orders placed at a later date, the advertiser will still be credited for the transaction.

The associated networks keep track of all this information generated by your hyperlinks. Associated networks pay the publishers once they have reached the payout threshold established by the advertiser.  Payouts occur on a monthly basis to the publishers for their work.

Conclusion: Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra income. HINT – The network you choose to use should have accounts related to your niche.  These are the tools we use here at Web Cash Ninja.  Our hosting is super fast, and secure and our networks have a broad range of topics to promote and earn income from.  New marketers should choose ShareASale to start their campaigns, for their shorter pay turnover period.


  1.  Get A Domain Name – Your domain name should reflect the main topic of your website
  2.  Sign Up For A Hosting Account – do your own research, cheap is not always best
  3.  Register for several Associated Networks – (Clickbank),(JVZoo), (ShareASale)


Now all you need to do is write some articles, place some ads and promote your site. Repeat as often as you can.


Affiliate Marketing is an avenue of internet marketing that provides the tools by which to market, with the marketer providing the traffic or promotion



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